Our Headquarters

Well What can we say about it,

As you may have read on the about us page our headquarters wasn't where it is now, no it was built at another location, and about 40 years ago was dismantled piece by piece then re built, all by hand to it's current location with nothing more than a lot of wood built round a steel frame.
When the headquarters was first built the main hall had windows in as you will see on one of the old pictures oh the hall, and also was planned out differently than it is today, but due to the Sections getting out the footballs and playing with them the group was spending far too much money replacing the windows, so the group decided to board them up and replace them with section notice boards instead.
in addition to those changes the Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Brownies and Guides have their own storage rooms.
The headquarters has also had a garage built on to the of the main stores to park our very big trailer and minibus.
We also have our very own workshop where we repair carry out repairs to the camping gear and general maintenance etc. 
We believe we have the biggest stores in the district holding everything we need from camping equipment to all the spare parts. 
Many years ago the 17th S.W Leeds Scout Group had it own Scout & Guide Band for which we have a band room with all the instruments and band uniforms still in pretty good condition I may add since they haven't been used in over 8 years or so.