In Scouting we hope that each of our members will have the ambition and clear cut aim to gain their Queen’s Scout Badge.

Our programme structure is such that from first joining Beavers steady progress can be made towards gaining this badge which is our highest award and should be achieved by the age of 21.

Over the years we have had many members who have gained the badge and below is a list of those of whom we are aware.
(If you are know  of some one who we have missed then please let us know Year and Name) 

1950              Colin Paley and George Sykes

1961 David Threapleton and Philip Brook

1972 Kevin Bird, Ian Johnson and Andrew Stock
1975 Eric Edwards and David Pearson

1985 Paul Sadler

1986 Paul Threapleton, Catherine Pilkington, Karen Stephenson and Kay Birch

2000 Matthew Murphy, Rachael Myers and Kevin Blackstone

2014 Louis Greaves