World Jamborees

A WORLD JAMBOREE is a wonderful experience for any member fortunate enough to attend is a gathering of Scouts from all over the World camping under canvas.
These gatherings are held every four years hosted by a different Association each time.Over the years we have had a good representation at these JAMBOREES and below we list members of the 17th S W Leeds who have attended


  1951 Austria                            1957 Sutton Coldfield England                         1975 Norway
  George Sykes                                               Sidney Blackford                                               Neil Stock
    Mike Kisby                                                    Roger Grayson                                                Colin Hey

  1983 Canada                                      1991 Korea                                              1999 Chile
   Paul Threapleton                                      John D. Threapleton                                              Shaun Martin
        Carl Oats
    Richard Page
    Darren Griffin

 2011 Sweden
  Jack Hardcastle
      Chris Lee